Rob Jacobs - Rob Jacobs
Rob Jacobs - Rob Jacobs


Rob Jacobs


Released 2.10.2015

Format: Vinyl Digital Cassette


"A wonderful asymmetry between the celestial forest folk unwinding across the instruments and Jacobs' alien - though clearly practiced - ululations."

- Henry Schiller, No Fear of Pop

Though this is not Rob Jacobs' first solo album, he chose eponymy for the simple reason that he has entered an intriguing new space with these songs. Inspired by the serpentine melodies and earnest devotion of singers such as India's Lata Mangeshkar, Jacobs set about writing lyrics that surface out of the waters of the subconscious.

Jacobs is known in the DIY scene for his group Wei Zhongle, a shifting ensemble that has been making records and touring for several years. Wei Zhongle focuses on psychedelic arrangements and maintains a reverence for ancient music of many kinds.

An aside from his work with Wei Zhongle, this album finds Jacobs finally open to the vast possibilities of communication with a human audience. By his standard, this is pop. The music, however, comes from an unknown place and remains true to its foreign identity.

Rob Jacobs' self-titled offering transmits a fresh compound of beatific psychedelia and virtuosic Eastern folk arrayed with a lyrical ardor that illuminates his perpetually inquisitive nerve.



All words and music by Rob Jacobs
Performed by Rob Jacobs
Clarinets on Track 8 by John McCowen
Clarinet solo on Track 3 by John McCowen
Hi hat on Track 9 by Sam Klickner

Recorded by Rob Jacobs
Mixed by Rob Jacobs & David Allen
Mastered by Shelly Steffens

Cover photo by Dustin Houston
Design by Craig Hansen