In The Moment - Makaya McCraven
In The Moment - Makaya McCraven

In The Moment

Makaya McCraven


Released 1.20.2015

Format: LP CD Digital


"The edited, remixed, and final product ended up displaying one of the important recordings to date in the modern jazz world. The feeling still organic and never too far removed from the source material, the impressive, virtuosic playing reaches Sun Ra levels of hypnotic transmissions that keeps the listener fully engulfed in the spiritual plane."

- Turntable Lab

"Just Stay Right There" directed by Eshovo Momoh

Makaya McCraven’s new album is pared from nearly 48 hours of live, improvised performance, recorded at one venue over 12 months and 28 shows. Makaya culled, cut, rendered and remixed the mass of sounds into 19 potent pieces organic beat music and, as constructed, thusly named, In the Moment

In January of 2013, Makaya set to mapping out a weekly residency from within a reclaimed bank vault turned contemporary restaurant in the heart of Chicago’s Ukrainian Village. Recruiting friends and frequent collaborators, over the course of the year, the residency became a hotbed for a rotation of Chicago improvisers multifarious in specialization. From local luminaries of post-rock to left-field hip-hop, the stage was made as a proving ground for style experiments based in jazz and hip-hop but receiving the spontaneous summoning of a host of subconscious influences. From free jazz to krautrock to downtempo house, what they arrived at was a new lexicon within an improvisational framework.

Jeff Parker (Tortoise, Chicago Underground), Joshua Abrams (Natural Information Society, Prefuse 73), and De’Sean Jones (Underground Resistance) were among those who accepted Makaya’s invitation over the course of the residency. Public House Sound Recordings’ founder Dave Vettraino committed himself to the task of recording and mixing every performance that occurred. From those raw hours of performance, Makaya trimmed and hewed the honey pot into an armory of beats, vamps, hooks and arresting moments of instrumental revelation.



Makaya McCraven - drums, beats, loops & overdubs
Matt Ulery - double bass & bass guitar
Marquis Hill - trumpet
Junius Paul - double bass & bass guitar
Justefan - vibraphone
Jeff Parker - guitar
Joshua Abrams - double bass
De'Sean Jones - tenor saxophone
Tony Barba - tenor saxophone & electronics

Executive Producer: Scott McNiece
Produced by Makaya McCraven
Recorded by Dave Vettraino
Mixed by Dave Vettraino & Makaya McCraven
Mastered by Shelly Steffens

Cover photo by Nathan Michael
Design by Craig Hansen & Leah Ball