Alternate Moon Cycles - Rob Mazurek
Alternate Moon Cycles - Rob Mazurek

Rob Mazurek

Alternate Moon Cycles


Released 12.2.2014

Format: Vinyl Digital



"Beautifully meditative sounds from the great Rob Mazurek – a record that almost takes him into Eno ambient territory, but with a richer, more spiritual sound overall."

-Dusty Groove America


When Rob Mazurek's mentor and collaborator, the avant-garde composer and trumpeter Bill Dixon, passed away in the summer of 2010, it was with most bittersweet pang and somber salute that Mazurek imagined “100 Cs for Dixon,” a performance piece centered on the continuous sound of the C note through an amplified cornet. Friends, confidants and spiritual brethren, Mazurek and Dixon passed countless hours in each other's presence working, sharing, and “searching for the center of the pure tone of the instrument.”

Mazurek committed the imaginings to realization in November 2012, performing “100 Cs for Dixon” at Comfort Station, a community art space in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood. But the immense richness and dynamic complexity found in a single note propelled him further, and Mazurek enlisted bassist Matt Lux and percussionist Mikel Patrick Avery to continue exploring minimalism. In the following month of December, the trio used a three-week residency at a subterranean lounge in downtown Chicago to incubate Mazurek’s pure tone intention. Alternate Moon Cycles is a document of the trio's explorations from that room. Science fiction author Samuel R. Delany's words blister as mantra to Alternate Moon Cycles - a primal cornet chant illuminates a vivid rainbow of brilliant overtones and closes in intimately on "the center of the pure tone of the instrument.”



Rob Mazurek - cornet
Matt Lux - electric bass
Mikel Patrick Avery - organ

Produced by Scott McNiece
Recorded by David Allen
Mastered by Shelly Steffens
Painting by Rob Mazurek